Diet Of A Domestic Cat

Reduced physical activity leads to the fact that the energy that enters the body with food has nowhere to go. As a result, the animal begins to recover. For this reason, the diet of domestic cats should differ significantly from the diet of active, freedom-loving relatives.

The diet of domestic cats should be varied, balanced in the content of proteins, carbohydrates, fats, and nutritious. The diet should contain essential acids, vitamins, macro- and microelements necessary for normal growth, development, and physiological state in the required concentration. An imbalance in the diet, feeding pets with low-quality ready-made feed and food leads to disruption of metabolic processes, hormonal changes, obesity, and malfunctioning of organs and body systems.

To prevent possible health problems, it is necessary to use a quality, varied feed.

  • body condition, body weight, condition;
  • health status, presence/absence of chronic diseases;
  • age, breed characteristics;
  • conditions of detention;
  • season, ambient air temperature;
  • activity level.

Morphophysiological features of the digestive system of cats

In the process of eating, cats are unhurried and moody. The taste and smell of food are of great importance. The attractiveness of cat food is influenced by its consistency, moisture content, particle size, and hardness. Cats do not like cold food; they will not eat spoiled food. Even with uniform consistency, animals will pick out the smallest particles that they don’t like. Therefore, each owner must choose the optimal diet for his pet.

Since the domestic cat spends a lot of time licking its fur, hair clumps can get into the digestive tract, some of which come out naturally, and some of the animals cough up. This problem is especially true for fluffy, long-haired breeds. When mixed with food, dead hairs form large clumps that can lead to blockages in the digestive tract. Therefore, the feed should contain probiotics, prebiotics, fiber, ingredients that accelerate the process of removing wool lumps.

The easiest way to give your cat a nutritious diet is through a subscription service with pet food delivery options.  You can get regular deliveries of the most nutritious food that is best for your cat.

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